Bad B*tch readathon

The Bad Bitch Readathon is my ode to all the bad bitches in media, literature and in life. A bad bitch is someone who loves themselves and loves to uplift others. Thank you for joining in on this readathon to celebrate powerful characters in our lives (and books). 

This readathon is meant to be super easy with plenty of ways to participate in your already busy schedule. A busy bitch is still a bad bitch. Please you the hashtag #BadBitchReadathon so that people can find your posts on IG, Twitter and YouTube. 

Because I'm an extra bitch, I also made a song for this readathon. If you like it and happen to film yourself dancing to it, please send that to me so I can make a compilation!

Bad Bitch Readathon AnthemNeka Marie aka Neeks
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Bad B*tch readathon

Prompt 1: Bad Bitch - Read a book where the MC is an overall bad bitch. They love themselves wholly and will do everything in their power to protect those that they love. 

Prompt 2: Frosty Bitch - Read a book where the MC is cold as ice and prickly as a cactus in the beginning. They ONLY care about themselves, and that's on a good day. Eventually they come around though. 

Prompt 3: Silly Bitch - Read a book about an MC who seems to stumble through their life. They have all the power and no clue how to use it. They take all the wrong turns until they finally get it together. 

Prompt 4: Thirsty Bitch - We are sex positive here so read a book where the MC owns every ounce of their sexuality. They are having good sex, consensually and safely with their partner (or partners). 

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