• Neka Marie

First Draft, Check!

Whew! The first draft is done. Finished. Caput. IT'S OVER... except now it's time for the dreaded revision process.

With completing the first draft, getting feedback from fabulous CP's and one brilliant BETA reader, I'm feeling a bit spicy and want to give some updates.

I also participated in #PitMad a few weeks ago and had some great interest come in. I have since submitted to one literary agent and am hoping for a favorable outcome. What exactly would that be in my mind? In an ideal world, the agent hits me back in six to eight weeks (or sooner), they see a good future with the story and future stories, I sign some favorable contracts and then we off to the races!

Worst case scenario? The agent feels like my manuscript is not for them and I try with another somewhere down the line.

I am not opposed to self publishing but, traditional is my goal for right now.

But lets talk about what you're really here for, dear reader: the tea.


Adult Urban/Contemporary Fantasy. I'm using both because the publishing industry cannot seem to settle on what they both mean concretely. I have spent many nights googling.

The Pitch (from #PitMad tweet):

As the next in line to control Death's gate, she must come into her full power as a veil priestess and break the wheel of fate that has bound her family to tragedy for centuries or risk her family losing their powers forever.

Comparison Titles (in order of importance):

AHS: Coven - probably the greatest inspiration as far as how I set up the varied magic systems in this universe.

Family Matters - Yes, the old show from the 90's! Do not judge me, it says it all in the title of the show, family matters.

Ninth House - This comp is pretty related to the first one. There are probably other novels with differing magics that I could have comped to but I really like the angst in this book as well.

What stage is it in currently?

Right now, the first draft is done and I'm into the first round of revisions for the second draft. Initial feedback was VERY good to my surprise. Of course, I like my story but the fact that other's have expressed love for it as well really helps push me to refine every inch of it. The first draft was basically about laying framework and now I'm adding everything else to make the big picture seen.

Who has read it?

Both CP's have gone through the story, both gave fabulous feedback and great encouragement. One BETA reader was selected for the first draft and they loved it, gave back amazing feedback and essentially is just waiting for my to get my stuff together for draft two.

Are you taking more BETA readers?

Not at this time. The three sets of eyes currently on it are all trusted friends at this point and I trust them to keep progress on a forward tilt. However, and this is all just me plotting for a possible future, when (positive thinking only) I get signed with the agent and have a few more drafts to revise, I will gladly start the search for BETA and sensitivity readers around the final draft.

How long is it?

In it's current unfinished form it is of a standard adult contemporary/urban fantasy length based on research. I hesitate to give a word count right now because I am cutting and adding between writing this post.

Will you be giving anymore details?

Yes. Enjoy this random snippet that tells you everything you need to know.

There was no hesitation, I agreed. I agreed knowing that our Loa was one of great means. I agreed knowing that I had my own plans so that no one would ever threaten our family again. - Renee, the first.

Who is your favorite character?

Right now, probably Ro.

Anything else in the works?

Funny you should ask (you didn't). I have several other things in "plot bunny" stage as well as the second book in this series being worked on between revisions. Two of them are high fantasies, one is Sci-Fi and the other is what was supposed to be a companion to this that ultimate got a massive rework to fit outside of this universe and stand alone. I love writing.

In the end, this is something that I would happily and eagerly read had I not written it myself. It was born from the deep love and admiration I have for the women in my family. I am so fortunate to have been raised by parents who have shaped me in ways I still have yet to discover. My creativity has never been stunted, not once. I have always felt love and support from my family and that is ultimately the cohesive theme of this novel. That all being said, yes, there is a healthy amount of drama, secrets and sexy times in it as well.

I hope you get excited about this. I'm excited about it. I believe so strongly in it.


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