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Now I'm Author?

To be super frank, I have always been an author, a creator and an imaginer (it's a word now). I wrote my first story as a wee lass and was the kid in class always excited for a creative writing assignment. In college, I continued taking creative writing class while working toward my Psychology degree. So why am I claiming the title of "Author" now? Why would I do this after already having so many hyphenates on my home page already?

Because I'm finally buckling down and writing one of the many stagnant stories sitting on my hard-drive.

But, Neka, what about your acting and modeling and hosting and gaming activities?

I think I've been viewing everything as finite paths and they aren't. There is no reason I cannot act, model, write, stream, and fully commit to all of those things. I am a creator, this is what my brain and soul are made for. All of these things intersect in a beautiful way that can only drive me further down my path.

Okay enough about YOU, tell us about the book!

I cannot say too much, author's are secretive people by nature. What I will say is that this story was born out the love I have for contemporary fantasy, fantasy in general and the deep well of admiration I have for the women in my family. I am excited to explore the multi-generational conflict of this story while playing up the magical conflict that threads it all together.

As I write, I am also learning about these characters and how all of their internal drives have caused anguish for someone else that they love. It's so exciting. Basically, I'm stoked.

I hope that you all will stick around as things unfold with this novel and as I continue to write. I will be releasing snippets, talking about what I have learned and continue to learn and where I am on this journey as time progresses. I have the best support group and am confident about this. LET'S DO THIS!


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