Surprising no one, I love to read and have a Booktube channel. Fantasy and Sci-Fi make my world turn and I have dedicated my reviewing prowess to uplifting diversity in both genres. There is no reason a child, teen or an adult should grow up never seeing themselves as a knight, princess or pirate. Everyone has a place in fantasy

The Author side of Neka Marie is just like all the other sides: Passionate

For years I typed aimlessly at this story idea and that story idea before finally sitting down and committing to completing just one. That idea now has a strong set of bones and is going to be taking me into Pitch Wars come September. 

If you want to know anything about my current WIP, visit the blog. I'll be updating my writing/publishing journey there. 

Neeks on BookTube!

The Bad Bitch Readathon is my ode to all the important bad bitches in media and in life. If you wish to participate check out THIS TWITTER POST! 

There is also an official song that I randomly made. Listen below! 

Bad Bitch Readathon AnthemNeka Marie aka Neeks
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